Mostly users are on Mobile screen in comparison to Computer screen

Mostly users are on Mobile screen in comparison to Computer screen

As per the other search platforms this is about to approved that around 60% users of the world is on mobile screen and searching from mobile screen about the things.

Here recently, During one of our Event named – Business Digitization, actually got a different figure so sharing with you quick Demographic and Devices stats :-

  • Total Users Survey – More than 3K Users
  • Survey From – World Wide

Conclusion :-

  1. Users are on mobile screen – 95.8%
  2. Users are on Computer Screen – 4.17%

Where PEARL ORGANISATION stands into the part of traffic :-

Via an official Event named – Business Digitization, we have found ourselves with more than 3K users flow where the engagement of successful users was 1K in just 3 HRS officially.

The demographic stats are very clear-

  • Total users connect with PEARL ORGANISATION – > 3K
  • In how much time – Officially in 3 HRS
  • Successful engagement rate of users – 33%
  • Users connected with mobile screen – > 95%
  • Users connected with computer screen – < 5%

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So, what we are recommending to the online businesses that we need to focus of the visibility of our business at Mobile Screens firstly.

And for this we have developed a very special and responsive PRODUCT to your business Named – Online Business where we will be creating the things into the respect of your business with a great awesome stuff specially for mobile screens.

We welcome to you at Pearl Organisation Technology Systems.
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