Urja Rajora Promoted to Chief Executive Vice President

We are quite happy to share this news with you all that today i.e 14th August, 2020 after considering Urja Rajora’s past project-work conclusions as well as respective core experiences, the company “PEARL ORGANISATION” with all due respect decided to promote “Urja Rajora” from “Asst. Vice President” to “Chief Executive Vice President” of the company.

Her new roles and responsibilities are in immediate effect from today onward. As a result of this change, PEARL ORGANISATION’s Leadership Team will effective as of August 14, 2020, consist of the following members: Vishwajeet Singh Rajora, Paramjeet Singh Rajora & Urja Rajora.

Urja started her career with “PEARL ORGANISATION” in 2017 wherein her responsibilities were to assured our “Business Development Department” in terms of client management and business assurance from global marketplaces.

After her quick and fastest response toward the assigned duties, roles and responsibilities, company appointed her as “Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer” in the year 2018 and she was deployed with many other our global departments and respective products & services.

In 2019, she did her excellent in our many of the higher departments due to which she was nominated as well as promoted to “Asst. Vice President” of the company. Urja’s extensive experience in R&D, product and business development has earned to her a reputation for optimizing business platforms and operational metrics, into our technology segments. With her perfect blend of multicultural and analytical skills, she has built winning teams across multiple disciplines and departments.


PEARL ORGANISATION is an Indian multinational information technology company that specializes in Digital Business Transformation and internet-related products & services.

PEARL ORGANISATION ™ is a registered trademark of VUNUM Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We serve in 6+ industries & 103+ countries with 96% success rate. A Global leader in next-generation digital business transformation and internet related products & services.


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